Jacob ESSELENS - 1626 - 1687
Path and a Stream at the Edge of a Forest
Dutch School

Black chalk and grey wash, white heighening
On blue paper

Brown ink Framing lines

43.3 X 56.2 cm

Inscribed Verso :

Provenance :


Euro :

"N 1980"

Johann Goll van Franckenstein (1722-1785) (L.2987)
Paul Davidsohn (1839-1886) (L.654)
C.R. Rudolf (1910-1975)


Jacob Esselens was born in Amsterdam in 1626. He was a velvet and silk merchant as well as a highly gifted painter and draughtsman, chiefly of landscapes. Many of his numerous drawings were made during his business trips through England and Germany, as well as France and also perhaps Italy. On several occasions he worked and travelled together with the artist, Gerbrandt van den Eeckhout, by whose style he was influenced. Abraham Rutgers, who was also a silk merchant and artist, followed closely the style of Esselens and was even appointed guardian to Esselens' children upon his death in 1687.

The attribution has been made by Mr. Stijn Alsteens from the Fondation Custodia, Paris.


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