Johan Heinrich Roos - 1631 - 1685
Animals Resting by a Fountain with a Herder
German School

Red chalk and red wash

30.6 x 40.7 cm

Euro : 2400,-

Johan Heinrich Roos was born in 1631 in Riepoltskirchen in the Palatinate. Because of the ravages of the Thirty Years' War, which particularly affected his homeland, his family was forced to move briefly to Wesel, thence finally to Amsterdam, where Roos lived from 1640. In 1647 Roos became a pupil of Guillaum Dujardin, and his works reveal him to have been influenced by Guillaum's son Karel, as well as by Nicholas Berchem. Roos studied further with Cornelis de Bie, according to Sandraert, and with the landscape painter Barent Graat. During the early 1650's he probably visited Italy. Roos was employed by the Archbishop Elector of Mainz in 1653. Then in 1654 he entered the service of Landgrave Ernst of Hesse at Rheinfels. After a period of residence at St. Goar, Roos became court painter to the Elector Count Palatine, and resided at Heidelberg from 1664 to 1667. Johan Heinrich Roos settled in Frankfurt in 1667 and remained active there until his death in 1685.

Primarily a painter and draftsman of landscapes and animals, he was followed in these activities by his sons Phillip, Johan Melchior, Franz and Peter. The present drawing must be dated to the 1650's, his Italian period, when the drawings of Roos are much looser and do not yet exhibit the preciseness of his later period which become almost etching like. A comparative early drawing was in the Hans van Leeuwen collection in 1992, showing a "Sleeping Boy and a Girl". Compositional comparative drawings from his later period are the "Animals in a Landscape" and "Animals before Ruins" both in the Städtischen Kunstsammlungen Augsburg (inv.nos.G.1671, G.1672), and the "Italian Landscape with Cattle" kept in the Detroit Institute of Arts ( As these drawings are dated to the 1670's, a similar dating can be assigned to the present drawing as well.


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