Nicolaas WICART - 1748 - 1815
Riverlandscape with Fisherman by Ruins
Dutch School

Black and grey wash
Over black chalk
Black ink framing lines

31.3 X 44.4 cm

Signed :

Euro :

“N: Wicart.inv.et fecit”


Nicolaas Wicart, born in Utrecht in 1748, is known mainly as a porcelain painter active in Loosdrecht and as a landscape draughtsman in the Utrecht area. The technique of using mainly blue in his drawings recall's Wicart's work on porcelain. He is known through the signed works to have been working as a painter of landscapes on porcelain in Loosdrecht probably from 1777 to 1784. His work also influenced the decorations of Amstel porcelain. Nicolaas Wicart died in his native city in 1815.

The present drawing is typical of the artist's oeuvre and must be dated between the years 1777 and 1784 on one of his journey's on the two rivers. The drawing can be compared in style and technique to other works of the artist such as the thirty-two drawings conserved in the Brussels Museum, three in the Frans Hals Museum, three in the British Museum, five in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and two in the Albertina Museum in Vienna.

These types of finished drawings were probably sold by the artist to support himself on his journeys around the Utrecht countryside.


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