Pieter Jansz. QUAST - 1605 - 1647
An Elegant Woman surrounded by six Onlookers
Dutch School

Black chalk on vellum

16.2 X 22.3 cm

Signed and dated :

Euro :



Pieter Jansz. Quast, born in Amsterdam in 1606, was already a member of the art academy in The Hague in 1634 and then in Amsterdam in 1644. From sketchbooks in the Louvre, Paris, his travels are recorded through the Netherlands, Belgium and the north of France. Pieter Jansz. Quast, together with Pieter Codde and Willem Cornelisz. Duyster, is the most important representative of the Amsterdam genre school. His drawings of farmers, dancers and beggars are original and not as dull as his paintings. His technique is very diverse, but unlike most other Dutch artists which worked in pen and ink, he preferred to work in chalk, especially on parchment. He died at a very young age in 1647 in Amsterdam.

The present sheet is typical of his graphic works which are mainly executed on vellum. His compositions are very often humorous which have a satirical or allegorical reference, such as the drawing of the same date that shows "Death and Wealth sitting together at a Table" which is kept in the Kupferstichkabinett in Dresden. The present composition is most likely taken from the "Comedia dell'Arte". The figure types often reappear in his drawings, such as the standing lady can be also found in the drawing “Lady Playing a Lute with a Putto” formerly in the collection of Bernard Houthakker in Amsterdam while similar hooded figures are found in the drawing of a “A Man riding Piggy-back, others nearby”, dated 1643, which is in a private collection in Brussels. 


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