Antonio VIVIANI - 1560 - 1620
The Apparition of the Virgin
School of the Marche

Pen and brown ink, brown wash, white heightening
Over black chalk on blue paper

39.4 X 26.0 cm

Euro : 7600,-

Antonio Viviani, born in Urbino in 1560, was also called the “il Sordo de Urbino” (the mute of Urbino) because of his self-absorption while painting frescoes. He was a follower of Federico Barocci in Urbino, whose nephew he is said to have been. He is first documented in 1581 in decorating the Oratory of the SS. Annunciata and other commissions in Urbino, mainly in the style of Barocci, before his departure for Rome in 1585. In Rome he helped fresco decorations commissioned by Pope Sixtus V, in the Vatican Library, the Lateran Palace, Palazzo Barberini and the Scala Santa in 1585-90. He also achieved some fame through the commission he received from Cardinal Cesare Baronio, for whom he executed frescoes in the chapel of Saint Barbara in S. Gregorio Magno in Rome. Antonio Viviani also created a vast work in the Chiesa De’Filippini (San Pietro in Valle) at Fano dated 1618-1620. From 1596 to 1598 he lived in Genoa. From 1614 onwards he was back in Urbino, where he painted for the Oratorio della Santissima Annunziate, the Cappelle della Concezione and a Holy Sacrament for the Cathedral in Urbino as well as decorations in the Duomo. Antonio Vivinai died in his native city in 1620.

The present drawing is an important addition to the small graphic oeuvre of Antonio Viviani. The drawing clearly shows his connection to Federico Barocci, and must be still dated to the end of the sixteenth century. Especially note worthy is the large size of the sheet and the many “pentimenti” by the artist.

A similar composition by Antonio Viviani “ San Donato with the Madonna in Gloria” is located in the Chiesa di San Patria extra Muros in Urbino.

The attribution has been confirmed by Dr. Catherine Goguel, of the department of drawings in the Musée du Louvre of Paris.


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