Aureliano MILANI - 1675 - 1749
Angels and Putti by a Terrace
Bolognese School

Black chalk, white heightening
Pen and brown ink
On beige paper
Black ink framing lines

18.5 X 22.9 cm

Euro : 2200,-

Aureliano Milani, born in Bologna in 1675, was distantly related to the Carracci family and zealous to revive their style for his generations of Bolognese artists. As a young artist, trained briefly by his uncle Giulio Cesare Milani and then by Lorenzo Pasinelli and Cesare Gennari (1637-1688), he undertook a long and diligent study of the celebrated fresco cycles by the Carracci in the Palazzo Magnani and then Palazzo Fava in Bologna. He was given free access to the Fava palace, and financial assistance by Count Alessandro Fava. Aureliano Milani also emulated the vigorous rhythmic articulation of musculature and contour that they used to convey the powerful energy of the figure. Aureliano Milani moved to Rome in 1719. He worked in Rome for the remainder of his career, undertaking several important decorative projects, such as a fresco cycle of the “Story of Hercules” in the Palazzo Doria Pamphili. Aureliano Milani died in Rome in 1749.

Aureliano Milani is more renown as a draughtsman than as a painter. Comparative black chalk drawings, exhibiting the same style of using the chalk to create the shading are “Samson Staying the Philistines” in the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa ( and “Noah and his Sons Building the Arc” with Mattia Jona in Milano. As these drawings are dated to the second decade of the seventeenth century, a similar dating can be given to the present drawing.

The attribution has been suggested by Prof. Alessandro Zacchi, Bologna, after having examined the drawing in original.


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