Luigi ADEMOLLO - 1764 - 1849
The Adoration of the Kings
Florentine School

Pen and grey ink, grey wash
Over black chalk

31.8 X 44.9 cm

Signed :

Inscribed :

Euro :

"Luigi Ademolli Fec."

"L’adorazione de SS. Re Magi"



Luigi Ademollo, born in Milan in 1764, began his studies in his native city before he transferred to Rome where he studied classical antiquities. In 1799 he was called to Florence to decorate the Teatro della Pergola, since destroyed. In Florence he was also active on the decoration of Palazzo Pitti, the Chiesa Annunziata and palazzos Pucci and Capponi. Luigi Ademollo was also active in the surroundings of Florence where his works can be found in Livorno, Arezzo, Pisa, Siena, Lucca, Pomarance, Circignano, etc. Luigi Ademollo is also known as an exceptional etcher; he died in Florence in 1849.

The present drawing belongs to a series by Luigi Ademollo, executed in the same technique and of the same dimension and semi-circular composition. The all represent scenes from the life of Christ and are inscribed and signed by the artist. One such drawings, "The Carrying of the Cross" is in a private collection in Modena, and two others, "The Deposition" and the Adoration of the Magi" are in the Bibliotheca Marucelliana in Florence (inv.nos.28, 29).


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