Flamino MINOZZI - 1735 - 1817
Preparatory for a Title page with Napoleon
Bolognese School

Pen and brown ink, grey wash
Over black chalk

19.5 x 25.9 cm

Signed :

Euro :

“Flaminio Minozzi 1810”



Flaminio Minozzi, quadraturist, born in Bologna in 1735, was the son of the successful landscape decorator, Bernardo Minozzi, whose professional contacts in Rome and Florence seem to have been useful in enabling Flaminio to travel and study outside of Bologna. His formal training was first with Carlo Sicinio Bibiena and later at the Accademia, where he obtained a prize in figure drawing in 1750. From 1760 when he was elected to the Accademia, he was active in this institution and at some time or other, held most of the major positions there. As a quadraturist his work was usually in collaboration with figure painters such as Felippo Pedrini and Ubaldo Gandolfi. Minozzi's work is elegant and inventive and represents the last flowering of the famous school of quadratura in Bologna. (Mimi Cazort and Catherine Johnston, "Bolognese Drawings in North American Collections 1500-1800". National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, 1982, p.151.) Flaminio Minozzi died in his native city in 1817.

Mainly known for his many architectural drawings, the present sheet is a rare example of his later works, which must have served as a preparatory study for an etching of a title-page. A similar such drawing by Flaminio Minozzi was in a private collection in Belgium. In that drawing the same symbols of war were present, but instead of a central circle with the portrait, there is a empty square, probably with the intention of entering a text to serve as a title-page.


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