Francesco TREVISANI - 1656 - 1746
Rebecca at the Well
Venetian / RomanSchool

Black chalk, white heightening
On a blue green prepared paper

32.6 x 21.4 cm

Euro : 4200,-

Francesco Trevisani was born in Capodistria (Istria), now part of Slovenia, then part of the Republic of Venice. He was the son of Antonio Trevisani, an architect, by whom he was instructed in the first rudiments of design. Francesco Trevisani then studied under Antonio Zanchi in Venice. He then moved to Rome where he stayed until his death in 1746. His brother, Angelo Trevisani, remained a prominent painter in Venice. In Rome he was supported by Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni. He was also strongly influenced by Carlo Maratta and worked together with Giuseppe Chiari and Ludovico Gimignani. In Rome, he was favored with the patronage of Cardinal Chigi. Chigi emplyed him in several works and also recommended him to the protection of Pope Clement XI, who commissioned Francesco Trevisani to decorate San Giovanni Laterano in Rome and the Cupola of the Cathedral in Urbino. Francesco Trevisani also was employed by the Duke of Modena and painted in Brunswick, Madrid, Munich, Stockholm, Vienna and in Mafra (Portugal).

The present drawing can be compared to the "Turned Female Figure, Seen from Behind" kept in the Ambrosiana in Milan ( which is a preparatory study for the "Life of the Blessed Lucy of Narni" in the church of Narni, dated between 1714 and 1715. The drawing can also be compared to the "Draped Woman" , the "Portrait of a Gentleman", the "Three Drapery Studies" and the "Woman with a Fan" all kept in the Ambrosiana in Milan (inv.nos.ND.721, ND.1234, ND.1291, ND.1459). All these drawings are executed in the same technique of black chalk, white heightening on a yellowish/green paper. The present drawing shuld also be dated to about 1715.


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