Francesco CASTIGLIONE - 1642 - 1710
Shepherds with their Flock of Sheep
Genoese School

Brush and grey ink, grey wash
Brown ink framing lines

25.9 x 41.7 cm

Watermark :

Provenance :

Euro :

Crest with Fleur de Lys

Ludwig Zatzka (Lugt.2672) (1857-1923)



Francesco Castiglione, born in Genoa in 1642, was the son of Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione, called Il Grechetto. He worked with his father and oncle in Mantua in the late 1650's and then after in Genoa. After the death of his Giovanni Benedetto in 1665, Francesco continued to work with his oncle, Salvatore, with whom he traveled to Padua to study the frescoes of Titian. He then resided in Mantua in 1676, where in 1681 he was named painter to the Duke of Mantua, Ferdinando Carlo Gonzaga. Francesco worked very closely in the style of his father, in both the composition where he often used animals and in the technique where he used paint to make his drawings more colourful and attractive. In his final years, Francesco Castiglione returned to his native city where he died in 1710.

Comparative brush sketches are the "Traveling Caravan" in the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh (, the "Traveling Shepherds with their Animals" in the Musée du Louvre in Paris (, and the "Girl Milking a Goat" in the Hessischen Landesmuseum in Darmstadt (

A similar composition in oil on canvas by Francesco Castiglione "Shepherds traveling with their Flock of Sheep and Herd of Cattle" is in the Uffizi in Florence ( and another oil of "Shepgerds tending their Flock of Sheep" was with Christie's in London in 1980.


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