Felice GIANI - 1758 - 1823
Recto: Various Studies in three Freezes
Verso: Venus and Amor with a Ceiling Sketch
Roman School

Pen and brown ink

30.5 X 20.5 cm


Price :

Extensively inscribed verso



Felice Giani, born in San Sebastiano Curone in 1758, was a pupil of Carlo Bianchi and Antonio Galli Bibiena in Pavia, then around 1778 of Domenico Pedrini and the Gandolfi’s in Bologna, and finally from 1780 of Pompeo Batoni, Cristoforo Unterberger, and Giuseppe Antolini at the Accademia di San Luca in Rome. Important painted decorations exist by him in the Palazzo Altieri, the Palazzo di Spagna, and the Palazzo del Quirinale. After 1800 he went to Paris where he executed decorations for Napoleon at the Tuileries and at Malmaison. After his return to Italy, he worked on decorations in many north Italian cities. He died in Rome in 1823.

It is Giani’s fertility of invention and his power as a draughtsman which have made his drawings of exceptional collecting interest. The present drawing shows Giani’s great imagination and also sense of humor. His figurative style of drawing can be loosely considered Neo-Classical; while in Italy he is sometimes termed a pre-Romantic.

The present drawing can be compared to three drawings in the Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design in New York, the “Decoration for a Triumphal Arch”, the “Spandrel Decoration for a Triumphal Arch” and the “Segmented Triangular Decoration for a Vaulted Ceiling” (inv.nos. 1901-39-3251, 1901-39-1356, and
1901-39-1662). Another important comparison is the drawing in the Gabinetto Disegni e Stampe degli Uffizi in Florence showing the “Necromancer”. Since all these drawings are dated around 1810, a similar dating should be assigned to this drawing.


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