Giulio PARIGI - 1571 - 1635
Riverlandscape with Ruins and a Bridge
Florentine School

Pen and brown ink, brown ink framing line

13.5 x 19.1 cm

Euro : 2800,-

Giulio Parigi, born in Florence in 1571, was a pupil of his father, the architect Alfonso, and collaborated with his uncle Bernardo Buontalenti. He had entered the service of the Medici by 1590, where he was the teacher for architecture and drawing. He was the director of decorations for the wedding of Cosimo II with Maria Magdalena of Austria, as well as for the wedding of Caterina de'Medici with Ferdinando Gonzaga in 1617. Giulio Parigi had an extensive workshop. His pupils included his son Alfonso, Remigio Cantagallina, Ercole Bazzicaluva, Pietro Ciafferi, Agostino Tassi and Stefano della Bella. Between 1611 and 1621 he was also in contact with Jacques Callot as well as with the English Architect Inigo Jones on his trips to Florence in 1597, 1605 and 1613 to 1615. Giulio Parigi died in Florence in 1635.

The graphic oeuvre of Giulio Parigi is relatively small when compared to those of his pupils. His preferred medium was pen and ink which he executed in a very fine line. His cross hatchings are very typical as well as the cauliflower-like foliage which adorn the trees. Comparative drawings are the "Landscape with Figures Building a House and Fighting in the Foreground", the "Riverscape", a "Landscape with a Falconer on Horseback" and the "Riverscape with a Ferryboat" all kept in the Gabinetto Disegni e Stampe degli Uffizi (inv.nos.163P,156P,164P,6072S), the "Nut Harvest in the Arno Valley" kept in the Albertina in Vienna (, the "Riverscape with Trees by a Bridge" formerly with Christie's London in 1974, the "Coastal Scene with a Castle" in the Louvre ( as well as the "Riverscape" in the Prado Museum in Madrid (


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