Antonio CONSETTI - 1686 - 1766
Madonna and Child in an oval
Bolognese School

Black chalk, grey wash
On beige paper

29.7 x 22.4 cm

Euro : 1200,-

Antonio Consetti, born in Modena in 1686, was the son and pupil of his father, Iacopo Consetti. He then went to study in Bologna, first with Giangioseffo Dal Sole and then by 1705 with Donato Creti. He returned to Modena in 1720, where he succeeded Francesco Stringa as "Soprintendente of the Galleria Estense". In 1722, Antonio Consetti opened a drawing academy in his home, which received the protection of Duca Rinaldo d'Este. In 1729 he was named as member of the "Accademia Clementina" in Bologna, which showed his great reputation also outside of his native city. In 1733 he was invited to Torino to the Corte Sabauda, which he declined. In 1763 he was nominated as head of the painting academy in Modena. Antonio Consetti died in his native city in 1766.

A large group of comparative drawings by Antonio Consetti are kept in the Biblioteca Civica di Storia dell'Arte, such as the "Two Putti Looking at a Book", the "Two Angels Holding Drapery", the "Three Angels Seated in the Clouds", the "Two Putti Holding an Oval Mirror", the "Young Jesus Christ Standing", "Joseph with Young Jesus on his Lap", the "Two Flying Angels with Drapery", the "Madonna and Child with Saint Luigi Gonzaga", the "Madonna with Child", the "Seated Christ Child", and the "Madonna with Child and Saint John the Baptist" (inv.nos.4612, 4313, 4623, 4530, 4385, 4300, 4352, 4132, 4134, 4594, 4144).


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