Pietro Antonio NOVELLI - 1729 - 1804
Saint Lucas the Evangelist
Venetian School

Pen and brown and grey ink, grey wash
Over red chalk
Brown ink framing lines

31.0 X 22.4 cm

Watermark :

Inscribed :

Euro :


"S. Lucas Evang°”



Pietro Antonio Novelli, born in Venice in 1729, was a painter, draftsman, a popular illustrator and printmaker who worked in Venice during the latter half of the eighteenth century. His characteristic graphic style was based on the Venetian tradition of such earlier draftsmen as Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini, Giovanni Battista Piazzetta and Gaspare Diziani. Novelli went to Bologna in 1773 and made his first of several trips to Rome in 1779. There his style was affected by the neo-classical taste; it became cold and more precise. He carried the decorative style of the Venetian Rococo into the late eighteenth century in numerous frescoes and altarpieces such as those in Venice, Padua, Bologna and Udine. Pietro Antonio Novelli died in Venice in 1804.

A very typical drawing by the famous Venetian illustrator from the end of the eighteenth century. A recognizable characteristic of Pietro Antonio Novelli is the morphology of the Head which has a very strong porcelain like illusion. These studies probably served as prototypes which he would use later in the execution for his canvases or his etchings. Comparative drawings are the “Saint Thomas of  Aquino” and “Saint Mark writing in a Book” both in the Museo Correr in Venice (inv.nos.3639, 1564),  the series of  the “Baptism, the Communion, the Confirmation, the Confession, the Marriage and the Ordination”, all formerly with Galerie Fisher in Luzern in 1995, as well as “Saint George with the Dragon” with Galerie Artesepia in Paris.


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