Vincenzo MEUCCI - 1694 - 1766
Saint John the Baptist Preaching
Florentine School

Pen and dark brown ink, grey wash, white heightening
On blue paper
In an architectural frame

39.5 X 27.5 cm

Euro : 2400,-

Vincenzo Meucci, born in Florence in 1694 was first a pupil of Sebastiano Galeotti in Florence, and then later of Giovanni Gioseffo dal Sole in Bologna. He was influenced by the culture of the both the late Baroque as well as by the arrival of the Neoclassicism. Vincenzo Meucci came under the patronage and protection of the Marchese Battista Salimbeni of Siena, who commissioned from him numerous works, both paintings and frescoes. He also worked for the Cardinal Alessandro Chigi Zondadari of Siena and for the Cardinal Neri Corsini of Florence. Vincenzo Meucci became a renowned artist, receiving in 1742 his most important commission from Anna Maria Luisa de Medici, the last member of the Medici family, to fresco the cupola of San Lorenzo, in Florence, with the “Glorification of the Florentine Saints”. Vincenzo Meucci died in his native city in 1766.

The attribution to Vincenzo Meucci was proposed by Prof. Marco Ciampolini of Siena, in a written communication dated April 3rd, 2011. Comparative drawings by Vincenzo Meucci are the “Annunciation” in the Bibliothèque Municipale of Rouen (, the “Triumph of Galatea” in the Musée du Louvre in Paris (, as well as the “Allegory of Africa” in the Musée des Beaux Arts in Lille (


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