Giovanni Antonio FASOLO - 1530 - 1572
Portrait of a Young Lady
School of Verona

Several Coloured chalks and washes
On blue paper

38.0 x 25.4 cm

Euro : 6200,-

Giovanni Antonio Fasolo was born in 1630 in Mandello del Lario, near Lecco on the southern border to Switzerland. At a young age he left for Venice where he entered the studio of Paolo Veronese, with whom he collaborated in 1556 on the frescoes in S. Sebastiano in Venice. In 1557 he became an independent master, decorating the same year the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, the city where most of his works can be found, such as in the Pallazo Monti, Palazzo Covolo and Palazzo Porto in Torri di Onartesolo and Palazzo Porto Colleoni. In 1562 he began a collaboration with the architect Andrea Palladio, his Palazzo and Villas he decorated in the Veneto. His works can also be found in Villa Colleoni in Thiene, Villa Pagello in Caldogno and in 1570 he produced an altarpiece for the Chiesa della Salute in Venice. One of his main pupils was Alessandro Maganza. Giovanni Antonio Fasolo died at a young age in 1572, while decorating the Loggia del Capitanio in Vicenza, when he fell from the scaffolding.

The attribution to Giovanni Antonio Fasolo was proposed by Thomas dalla Costa in a letter sent by Prof. Bernard Aikema, dated August 2014. This attribution was made on the basis of comparison to the frescoes by the artist. The morphology of the female figure is identical to several of the ladies painted in the various frescoes in the Veneto villas and Palazzos. As there are no known drawings by the artist, the present drawing may serve as a starting point in the reconstruction of his graphic works. Similar female figures, perhaps even the same model which may have been used for several commissions, can be found in the frescoes of Villa Caldogno in Vicenza (in particular the lady seated on the fr left side of the table), dated to 1565 and Palazzo Negri de Salvi in Venice, dated to 1570; therefore proposing a dating of the late 1560's for the present sheet.


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