Ventura SALIMBENI - 1567 - 1613
Figure of Christ
School of Siena

Red chalk

16.7 X 22.5 cm

Euro : 1200,-

Ventura Salimbeni, born in Siena in 1567, received together with his half brother, Francesco Vanni, his initial training from their father, Arcangelo. He began his career in Rome in 1591, where he worked on several commissions such as the church of S. Maria Maggiore and S. Maria della Pace. By 1595 he was working in Siena for Cardinal Bevilaqua, who commissioned him to decorate the church of Saint Pietro, In Siena, Salimbeni's style was much influenced by that of Francesco Vanni. Together with Vanni, he dominated Sienese painting in the last years of the sixteenth century and the first decade of the seventeenth. Ventura Salimbeni died in Siena in 1613.

Typical for chalk drawings by Ventura Salimbeni is the soft handling of the chalk for the shading and the stronger, angular outlines. Comparative chalk drawings by Ventura Salimbeni are the “Two Prophets” in the Biblioteca Comunale in Siena (, the “Study for a Figure of a Jewish Priest” in a private collection in Siena, and the “Immaculate Virgin in Glory”, “The Standing Cardinal”, “The Two Studies of a Seated Figure” and the “Standing Soldier” all kept in the Gabinetti di Disegni e Stampe of the Uffizi in Florence (inv.nos.10851.F, 1283F, 4661S, 1591S).

The attribution has been made by Prof. Marco Ciampolini, University of Siena, in a communication dated March 30th, 2010.


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