Giovanni RAGGI - 1712 - 1792
Madonna and Child with Saints
Venetian School

Pen and brown ink, brown wash
Over black chalk

45.0 X 33.8 cm

Euro : 2000,-

Giovanni Raggi, born in Bergamo in 1712, initially pupil of his father, Agostino, entered Giovanni Battista Tiepolo's service in 1732/33, and remained in Tiepolo's studio until 1741. Tiepolo mentions Raggi as his pupil in a letter dated April 10th 1734, now preserved in the Academy Carrara in Bergamo. Giovanni Raggi worked mainly on the frescoes with Tiepolo in the Cappella Colleoni and the chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore in Bergamo and later followed his master to Venice. Especially in Raggi's early works, his style reflects his association with Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. His drawings were mistaken for his master's work even during his own lifetime. Giovanni Raggi died in his native city in 1792 or 1794.

The present drawing evidently belongs to the period when Raggi worked together with Tiepolo, as the drawing shows the influence of the drawings by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and can therefore be dated to about 1734/35. The drawing can be compared to other drawings by Raggi, such as the "Two Standing Figures” in the Art Museum of Princeton University (inv.no.67-31 Spector), the "Interior with Standing Figures and a Seated Soldier in the Foreground” in the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York (inv.no.IV.15ie), the "Virgin and Child with Saint Libeale and two Bishops" in the Norfolk Museum of Arts and Sciences (inv.no.50.48.104), "Rinaldo about to Leave Armida's Enchanted Island" in the Feitelson Collection, California (Inv.no.111), the group of ten drawings in the l'Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris and the figure of "Zeus" formerly with Gallery Kekko in 1989.

Provenance :
Gustave Soulier (Lugt.1215a) (1872-1937) 

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